About Revived by Roots

Being a healer feels like a calling that I am meant to fulfill my whole life; whether it’s spiritual, emotional, or physical, I find myself jumping through the hoops to give my aid whenever called upon!
My late father’s 15-year long battle with genetic lung disease has sparked the inspiration in me to begin my journey with herbs and their natural healing effects. Having experienced it myself, seeing a loved one’s health deteriorating can bring about an insurmountable amount of emotional and spiritual turmoil.
As I ponder on this over time and with my 3-year stint in the medical field as a Certified Nursing Assistant, it has led me to a strong determination to be able to help people understand the importance of caring for the Body, Mind, & Soul all together and that we are capable of choosing happiness as we make the most out of our everyday lives.

About 5 years ago, I began making herbal home remedies as a simple hobby by experimenting with different herbs and blends through tea and tincture making, which I shared among a close circle of family and friends, and fast-forwarding to present times, Revived By Roots is born for everyone else to try!

Herbs should always be used in conjunction with a natural and balanced diet, along with an adequate amount of sleep. Whether it’s for nourishment enhancement or an immune system booster, I believe that incorporating herbs in our diet brings about a sense of connectedness to the Universe, and putting our trust in the Earth to heal and take care of us brings us one step closer to inner peace.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Herbal remedies are not to be associated as medical supplements. Please always consult your physician or do your own research before taking herbal products.

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