Cozmophyzician in the Making

Welcome to the Roots! I have been studying Astrology under Ra Akhu (@Cozmo361) Since March of 2021. I am not quite ready to call myself a “Cozmophyzician”. However, I have a solid understanding of how to apply the movement of the planets to life on Earth and continue to learn and practice every day.

“But, Danielle, I don’t believe in Astrology”

Astrology isn’t exactly something that needs your “belief”. It is entirely mathematical and logic based. Therefore, it is moreso a matter of whether you UNDERSTAND it to the fullest extent or not. If you have actually done your part in TRYING to understand it. Since it has become so mainstream there are quite a few people who try to just apply it willy nilly to everything, and this tends to water the science down quite a bit and make it seem much less “real” than it is.

I have spent the last three years watching how the planets move and applying it to the world around me so I am able to grasp a more accurate essence of each planet, sign, and transit occurrence. I have spent countless hours, days, and months working through and understanding the mathematical equations that go into progressing a chart so you can see the MOVEMENT  of the charts, rather than just focusing on the one snapshot of natal chart.

Your Natal Promise & How that Progresses

The Snapshot of the sky on the Day and Time you were born is your Natal Promise. It is the foundation of your being through this lifetime on Earth. You are not a sign, but an accumulation of ALL of the signs and planets as they work together in harmony to describe what has been promised to you. This is what makes each of us truly Unique, the degrees and minutes of each planet and sign cannot be duplicated. No two people are born in the exact same place, at the exact same time. Even a couple of minutes (in the instance of twins) can make a difference in the layout of your natal chart.

While your Natal Chart is a stillshot of your being, it does NOT stop moving. This is where Progressions come in. With a progression, I am able to see where exactly you are  headed, what karmic lessons you may need to overcome (or have encountered), and what days would be best to expand on any certain aspect in your life.  Progressions are what makes astrology so interesting because once you see how they line up with your life, it is undeniable that our lives have been planned out since the day we were born.

The progressed chart I use for your predictive schedule is based on the simple fact that one day of your life is equal to one year. With this progression, I give predictions that are accurate TO THE DAY and we can measure the rhythmic cycle of your life. We will track each transit for 30 days, and this will layout the theme of your unique cycle in life.

Get Back to Your Roots

Astrology is the oldest “language” on earth. It has laid out the path for tracking the seasons (calendars), It is the foundation of ALL forms of religion, and It has been used as a tool for diagnosing and healing ailments in the body (medical astrology). It used to be common practice for doctors to know astrology or consult astrologers while working with their patients. This is one of my main focuses as I continue my studies in herbal remedies AND astrology.

Why should I care about getting an astrology reading?

Astrology is a tool to navigate life on earth. While everybody inevitably lives out their destined path, astrology can be used as a flashlight while traveling in the dark unknowns of life. It helps to ease ones anxiety in times of distress when we find ourselves asking “why is this happening to me”, and then we are able to pinpoint it in your progressed (or natal) charts that it is just a part of your promise that was bound to happen, to live out your karmic debt as it was written in the sky. It helps to bring the intangible to tangible.

It sparks the deeper questions of the “meaning of life” and really drives home the idea that we are all here simultaneously doing our part in making this wheel of a world work. Just like cogs in a clock with so little, but so MUCH significance to the grand scheme of it all.

It truly is an amazing science when you get to see it all come together, how it all just lines up and makes sense. There is no such thing as the “wrong place” or “wrong time” as everything is laid out exactly perfectly as it should be.

How do I know what reading to choose?

I offer several different types of readings and I know it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what exactly you are looking for.

If you are unsure about anything you can always book a FREE 5 minute sample reading. In this quick reading, I will use your birth day and birth time to find your ascendant (rising) sign and give you a general reading based on this information.

Mini Reading (General Questions) – This quick 20 minute reading is so that we can address any general questions that you may have in your chart, we can also use the transit charts to assess anything that is going on in the current sky and how it is affecting your natal chart. I will not be using any progressions in this reading, so it is best to stick to general questions.

Herbal Astrology- An herbal astrology reading is a 30-45 Minute consultation in which we will go over any health concerns you may have as well as any preventative care that you should be aware of. We use your natal chart to see what planets/aspects indicate any health concerns as well as your eigth and sixth houses. We will also go over any lifestyle changes that may need to be made as well as any herbal remedies that we need to incorporate into your diet.

Natal Readings – A Natal reading is usually 60-90 Minutes. In this reading I will look at all your planetary alignments in both your birth place, and your relocated place to give you the most accurate reading. The way your planets are laid out is what gives you your unique personality as well as the trajectory of the promise that you made before your soul entered this world.

Parent/Child Relationship – This reading is about 90 minuts, and will analyze the chart of one parent and one child (additional parents/children can be added for an extra fee). We will look at the synastry of the charts to see the strenghts and weaknesses in the parent/child dynamic. We will also go over the most effective parenting and learning styles for each particular child.

Synastry – This 75 Minute reading uses the natal charts of two individuals to analyze the overall strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. This can be for romantic relationships, working relationships, business partners, etc. Anything where you are wanting to see the dynamic of two people. We will NOT be going over anything in the natal chart. Just looking at the major aspects between the two natal charts. If you want natal readings for each individual please contact me for different pricing.

Predictive 30 Day Cycle- This reading includes a full natal reading, as well as calculating your current Rhythmic Cycle. The predictive schedule is accurate to the day. We will go through an entire cycle which usually lasts about 20-30 days. It is helpful to see when your planets are planning to cross the cusps and on what days so you can make the most beneficial decisions for your life. As well as avoid making decisions that wouldn’t be pertinent for a specific day. This can be helpful when looking to sign any contracts, or make any major business or lifestyle decisions.


If you have any questions about any of the readings, please feel free to reach out to me for a free five minute sample! We can go over what the best option is for you during that time.

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